HHA Hunterteam Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

HHA Engineering solutions is approved by the MOD’s MAA under the Maintenance Approved Organisation (MAOS) and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) schemes to provide continuing airworthiness support services for military registered aircraft.

HHA Engineering and Maintenance personnel are able to undertake maintenance of military registered aircraft or components intended to be fitted to military registered aircraft in accordance with the provisions of MRP Part 145. Maintenance activities are undertaken at HHA’s RA4800-4849 (MRP Part 145) approved Base Maintenance Facilities at RAF Scampton. HHA also holds Civil Aviation Authority Approvals to undertake Maintenance, Design Recommendation and Test Flying functions for aircraft of military design origin operating on the civil register.

In summary, HHA Engineering Solutions undertakes maintenance on both company owned and third party government owned aircraft or components thereof as well as modifications emanating from trials requirements. In-house Design Verification and Flight Test approvals augment & expedite the regulatory approval and clearance processes.

Aircraft Maintenance Services

HHA own Fleet Maintenance

Third Party Aircraft Maintenance for Government Agencies

Aircraft Recovery & Transportation
Trade areas covered:
Airframe / Propulsion.
Electrical Avionics.
Safety / Survival Equipment.

Maintenance Activities undertaken under the RA 4800-4849 (MRP 145) include:

Scheduled maintenance including anti det maintenance.
Fault diagnosis and defect rectification.
Testing / Repair / Overhaul.
General Visual and Detailed inspections.
Component removal replacement and subsequent functional testing.
Embodiment of Modifications and Technical Instructions.
Fleet management and rotation management.
Component Bay Service – depending on capability list C ratings and available facilities.
Dedicated Survival Equipment Servicing Facility.
Dedicated Ejection Seat Servicing Facility.

Note: HHA will only undertake the maintenance of aircraft or aircraft components for which it holds the required Aircraft Documentation Set (ADS), technical data, necessary tooling and suitably qualified and trained Engineering and Maintenance personnel. In-house Design Verification and Flight Test approvals augment & expedite the regulatory approval and clearance processes.

Line Maintenance Activities

Undertaken under the RA 4800-4849 (MRP 145) Approval:

Ground Handling – including Receipt and Despatch

Flight Servicing


Limited Corrective Maintenance – not involving component replacement

Aircraft Modification Services

Modification for bespoke taskings including Aero Mechanical Integration

Advice on Design & associated Certification

MAA approved Flight Test

Continuous Airworthiness Management

Fulfilment of Continuous Airworthiness Management Function

Through Life Support

Spares Provision and Logistic Support

Risk Management & Hazard Analysis

Hazard Logs Creation for entire Air Platforms or Specific Taskings

MAA endorsed Air Safety Management System and associated Air Safety Management Plan

Quality Audits

Post-Crash Management Incident Officer (PCMIO) Trained Personnel


Aviation Human Factors Training

Survival Equipment and Ejection Seat Training

Type Specific Maintenance Training

H&S Assessors (NEBOSH certified)

Qualified Training Instructors


Independent Safety Assessment

Quality Audit System

Additional Qualifications held by HHA Staff

Airworthiness for Military Aircraft (AMAC)

Structural Integrity Course

Human Factors and Error Management

Effective Event investigations

Safety Supervisor

Quality Auditor

Aviation Safety Management Systems.