HHA Services

HHA Provides bespoke aerial solutions to governments and defence contractors in the form of platform and service provision for Trials Support and Threat Simulation Activities as well as undertaking Maintenance and Trials Specific Aircraft modification programs.

The ethos behind HHA’s service provision are the benchmarks of Performance, Sustainability, Flexibility, Availability and Cost Effectiveness all bounded by independently assessed Safety Management and Quality systems.

Our three service divisions are enabled through a unique suite of military and civil approvals covering the Coordinating Design, Continuous Airworthiness Management, Maintenance & Modification, Operation, and Flight Test functions. For the customer this means that HHA’s Operating, Security, Quality and Safety standards are regularly & stringently audited by agents of the UK MoD, thereby offering seamless integration with Military Procedures. We have found that it is not just the tactical benefits of the HHA service provision that wins the day. It is the resource benefit, flexible contract arrangements, scalability, security and assured training capability which catch the eye of decision makers. In short, HHA provides regulatory approved solutions to extant availability problems and are available at short notice, often on a “turn-key” basis.