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HHA’s Empire Test Pilot School and NATO-trained air and ground crew have accumulated extensive experience not only in customised Combat Training but also in the Test & Evaluation / R&D (R&D) sphere. They are therefore highly qualified for the Trials Management & Planning, Testing, Development and Evaluation of both aerial flight hardware and ground based systems.

HHA has the capabilities to test equipment, carry out calibration and conduct photo chase missions in an operational environment thereby providing the necessary data for analysis. Trials Specific aircraft modifications and subsequent Flight Test can be undertaken in-house.

At a time of ever increasing budgetary pressures within both civilian and governmental organisation, HHA’s fast jet fleet offers a cost effective alternative to replace the reduced (and ever more expensive) test-bed aircraft inventory traditionally available within the various NATO test & evaluation centres. With taskings dedicated to a specific trial, the success of the trial is our prime objective, rather than it having to play second fiddle to standard training missions as would be the case if traditional NATO assets were used.

HHA has the aircraft and personnel to augment these scarce military resources and to support aerospace equipment suppliers, shipyards and defence contractors in their test, development and evaluation activities.

HHA provides cost effective & reliable fast jet platforms removed from the uncertainty of military availability, long lead times and inflexibility.


HHA’s Trials Management Service is staffed with Subject Matter Experts in Flight Test, Design and Certification who work with the customer to identify the key trials objectives, hone statements of requirement and design appropriate flight trials programs thereby translating a trial engineering idea into an aerial solution.

The Trials Management side will determine the most cost effective aerial platforms for the bespoke trials, design, modify & Flight Test air vehicles if customer modifications are to be incorporated; provide all mandatory third party personnel training; liaise with all regulatory authorities e.g. for the provision of ranges; brief all sorties and coordinate all aerial, ground and maritime assets involved in the trial.


HHA is an MAA approved Flight Test Organisation. For Military Registered aircraft and Associated Trials, HHA Flight Test holds the responsibility for the planning, execution, analysis and reporting of all Military Flight Trials performed under the company’s MAA approvals.