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The ethos behind HHA’s service provision are the benchmarks of Performance, Sustainability, Flexibility, Availability and Cost Effectiveness all bounded by independently assessed Safety Management and Quality systems.

HHA Provides bespoke aerial solutions to governments and defence contractors in the form of platform and service provision for both Trials Support and Threat Simulation Activities as well as undertaking Third Party Military Aircraft Maintenance & bespoke trials modification programs. The company is split into three product lines.

The Trials Support and Trials Management Division provides cost effective fast jet aerial platforms for bespoke Test & Evaluation, Trials and R&D support. Traditionally our clients would have sourced these aircraft from the MoD or via the Long Term Partnering Agreement. However, due to budgetary constraints, operational commitments, hours conservation measure and fleet retirements military squadron & LPA aircraft are overtasked thereby making their availability for Trials Support Taskings unpredictable and expensive. Furthermore, the use of MoD & LPA aircraft is often bureaucratic, associated with long lead times and linked to an expensive task-specific modification and / or upgrade processes. Civil Business Jet derived platforms can accommodate only a proportion of the requirements due to inherent performance constraints rendering them unsuitable for the higher energy aspects of Trials Support whilst the nature of their civil operation may make the use of government ranges problematic. HHA aircraft are deployable, removed from the uncertainty of MoD / LPA supply, operate on the UK military register and exhibit a performance & availability tailored specifically around your requirements. In parallel to this, HHA’s Trials Management Service is staffed with Subject Matter Experts in Flight Test, Design and Certification who work with the customer to identify the key trials objectives, hone statements of requirement and design flight profiles, thereby translating a trial engineering idea into an aerial solution. The Trials Management side will determine the most cost effective aerial platforms for the bespoke trials, design, modify & Flight Test air vehicles if customer modifications are to be incorporated; provide all mandatory third party personnel training; liaise with all regulatory authorities e.g. for the provision of ranges; brief all sorties and coordinate all aerial, ground and maritime assets involved in the trial. Integral are HHA’s Flight Test Approvals complimented by ETPS trained Test Pilot aircrew experienced in the evaluation of aircraft, systems and flight trials management.

The Threat Simulation Division provides aircraft for either Red Air / Dissimilar Air Combat Purposes or for Maritime Support Taskings where the aircraft are used to simulate a missile or aircraft attacking a ship. HHA aircraft also undertake Forward Air Controller training with army units. In all instances aircraft can be equipped with various Electronic Warfare pods. Being military registered and crewed by either serving or ex-military aircrew, HHA can integrate seamlessly with NATO exercises and manoeuvres whilst liberating front line assets form secondary training taskings which consume extensive flights hours, fatigue and spares.

HHA’s Engineering Solutions Division provides military aircraft maintenance services to both the company owned fleet as well third party military agencies. Integral to this is the ability to undertake modifications to incorporate the fitment of bespoke trials equipment and stores.

Our three service divisions are enabled through a unique set of military and civil approvals covering the Continuous Airworthiness Management, Maintenance & Modification, Operation, and Flight Test functions. For the customer this means that HHA’s Operating, Security, Quality and Safety standards are regularly & stringently audited by agents of the UK MoD, thereby offering seamless integration with Military Procedures. We have found that it is not just the tactical benefits of the HHA service provision that wins the day. It is the resource benefit, flexible contract arrangements, scalability, security and assured training capability which catch the eye of decision makers. In short, HHA provides regulatory approved solutions to extant availability problems and are available at short notice, often on a “turn-key” basis.