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Aircraft Technical Data:

Hawker Hunter Mk58
Sukhoi SU 22


Hawker Hunter Aviation Fleet Technical Data

HHA specialises in sourcing legacy platforms, upgrading these on a bespoke basis with modern equipment and subsequently employing them as cost effective Fast Jet Trials Platforms and Air Support training assets to ease the task and budgetary pressure on front line aircraft.

HHA currently operates a17 strong fleet of fast jet military aircraft covering 4 basic aircraft types. The equipment levels on the aircraft are tailored to the client’s bespoke taskings. Should a requirement arise that can not be covered by the performance envelope of the existing fleet, HHA would source & certify more suitable platforms where appropriate.

HHA’s fleet encompasses four aircraft types providing the capability to meet the majority of foreseeable trials and combat training demands.

  • Hawker Hunter MK58 - Single seat, subsonic; 12  in fleet
  • Hawker Hunter T7/T8 - Twin seat, subsonic; 3 in fleet
  • Buccaneer S2B - Twin seat, subsonic, extreme range, large internal / external payload capability; 1 in fleet
  • Sukhoi SU22 M-4 - Single seat, supersonic; 1 in fleet

They do however all share the following characteristics

  •  Low start up & favourable through-life costs vs modern front line assets
  •   Proven airframe / engine design
  •   Vice less operation and handling qualities
  •   Excellent Performance Spectrum
  •   Relativelysimple maintenance
  •   Numerous hardpoints thereby providing a broad equipment carrying capability

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