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Wing Span 33ft 8in / 10.24m
Length 45ft 10.5in / 13.95m
Height 13ft 2in / 4.02m
Engine 1x RR Avon 122 (7,750 lbs st) or 1x RR Avon 203/207 (10,150 lbs st)
Weight 24,500 lbs / 11,110 kg
Max Speed 620kts no mach limit, supersonic in shallow dive
Cruise 360 kts: Low Level
High Level Cruise 0.85 Mach
Max Range 1,200 NM with reserves
Endurance Typically up to 2:30hrs
Max Operating Height 51,500ft
Take Off Distance @ MAUW 3,580ft / 1090m
Landing Distance 2,650 ft / 795m
G Limits +7.5g / -3.75g
No. of Hardpoints 12




“The Seeker Head Trials Platform aircraft” is a specially modified Hunter Trainer designed to accommodate a seeker head in the nose with an instrumented Flight Test Observers station in the right hand seat. Various types of seeker head can be fitted with only minor modification, the mounting assembly being role fit with LRU’s and computers required to run the seeker being mounted on various assembly trays in the forward compartment bay. Current AC capacity from the installed solid state inverter is 1500VA at 115Vac whilst DC capacity is available at 28V (no real limitation). Cooling and other power requirements can be accommodated. The aircraft features a precision glass cockpit navigation system and operates on the UK Military Register.