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Military Operations are, by definition, an expensive item in any country’s budget. In an environment of budget cuts and spiralling procurement costs, there are significant benefits in the use of very capable upgraded legacy platforms in the military support / training arena.

Operating a 17 strong fleet of fast jet military aircraft, HHA offers tailored Contractualised Air Support training services for all areas of the Armed Forces. The company provides, at short notice, high performance threat simulation aircraft for wet or dry lease at a fraction of the cost of current front line assets, thereby not only generating considerable financial savings but also releasing expensive front line aircraft from support missions that consume both funds and fatigue.

Whilst using the latest NATO practices and procedures, our flying time is committed to the client and focussed on their specific training requirements. Therefore military personnel never have to sacrifice their training time to train the opposing forces – we undertake what is required to meet your bespoke needs. Uniquely, HHA can operate on the UK military register in accordance with the MFOC regulatory articles, regulated and audited by the TAA and MAA. For HHA’s clients, this means we integrate seamlessly with NATO procedures.

Flown by experienced former RAF, RN and Test Pilot fast jet aircrew familiar with the latest NATO training, systems, evaluation and operational requirements.

HHA Hunter Platforms exhibit 620kt/.95M / block 4 , 7.5G / -3.75G with over 90 mins on task at 100nm from base. Aircraft can either be configured as fast agile targets only, or can be equipped with external or integral Threat Sim capability (such as advanced DRFM jamming), RWR, ALE 40 and total Situational Awareness in a RAIDS environment via an integrated RTMS, which also gives a portable debrief facility.

Specific Tasks undertaken include:

· Red Air Aggressor Platforms for all branches of the Armed Forces

· Agile Targets – aerial threat simulation for any surface or airborne platform

· Helicopter / Fighter Affiliation Training

· Dissimilar Air Combat

· Force Augmentation (2 vs 2, 4 vs 4 etc)

· The provision of airborne EW threats and simulation of any surface or airborne platflorm

· Any sorties carried out by training aircraft not directly involved in the training of aircrew such as

a) Air to air targets, cine weave & initial air combat tow sorties
b) Sorties flown for fleet support air tasking operations
c) Sorties flown for Fighter Controller and Air Traffic Training
d) Sorties flown for CAS / FAC Training

All HHA Aircraft have integral Chaff / Flare, are RAIDS pod compatible and have both an Internal / External stores carriage capability.

External stores carried include the ALQ 167, AST6, ALE43, AST9, ACDMI/LATR, RAM, TSS, Target Winch Saab MBV2S (Banner) and Meggitt RM30A1 with various tow bodies eg Dornier Do-SK 6 BSH.

Note: HHA do not currently own winches or targeting / EW pods which are usually GFE. The carriage and use of other equipment would be addressed individually by our Engineering & Design division.