Hunter Team HHA       tel: +44 (0) 1522 730710

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HHA aircraft are flown by former RAF, RN & Test Pilot fast jet aircrew with experience on the Eurofighter, Jaguar, Tornado GR4 & F3, F18, Hawk, Grippen, F16 and Buccaneer.

Flying fast and manouverable upgraded platforms, they are able to act as Red Air in air defence and air combat training. Depending on the required configuration, on-station training time can be from 1.5 to 3 hours.

The robust and strong Hunter airframe together with a low wing low loading and a good Specific Excess Power make it an ideal aircraft for subsonic aggressor training with both defensive and offensive roled aircraft. This could cover the spectrum of teaching from basic ACM to the more complex multi-aircraft DACT; it can carry an ACMI pod and has been successfully trailed with the full range of Meggitt systems.

With RWR already on the aircraft, and with an ability to carry Electronic Warfare pods for deception / jamming, the Hunter can add tremendous value for tactical interception training of air defence air crew. In addition, it has a performance envelope and reflective cross section that makes it ideal for GCI and AEW operator training.